Thermi Water Seal

ThermiWaterSeal is water repellent clear coating and forms a hydrophobic barrier beneath the surface and seal out moisture while remaining highly vapor permeable. It enhanced resistance to efflorescence, freeze thaw damage, cracking and sapling. Its form envelop of lamination on surface with clear or transparent film and fights with hostile environment line rain, water, air etc, It works and one of the most economical way of protecting house in vertical application.


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    Feature & Benefits

    Penetrates deeply to reduce long- lasting protection on vertical or horizontal surfaces.
    Any paint can be applied on the applied surface.
    Alkaline stable-suitable for new "green" concrete.
    Effective on most vertical and horizontal exterior, above grade masonry surface.
    Natural substrate color and surface texture are unaffected, with little to no gloss created.
    Exhibits good beading effects.
    100% water vapor permeable.
    Mildew and fungus resistance.
    High resistance to alkali attack.
    Can be reapplied to treated surface.

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    Recommended Use

    Can be applied on interior/exterior surface like cement plaster, stones, tiles, painted surface etc.

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    How to Use

    Free the surface from grease, dirt, oil and loose particles.
    Moisten the surface before application of ThermiWaterSeal.
    Stir well to become uniforms mixing and apply by brush or spry.
    Allow it to dry for 72 hours.

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    Packing size available in 1, 4,10 and 20 Ltrs.

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    Coverage Area

    120 to 150 Sqfeet/Ltr/Coat.

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