Crack Fill Expert


CrackfillXpert Ready to use Crack filler for internal & external surface cracks in plaster. ThermiCrackfill-Xpert is a single pack, ready to use flexible putty for filling the cracks in plastered surfaces which helps in filling gaps and withstand with expansion and contraction. Its water based non-staining, UV resistant, eco friendly, abrasion resistant compound.


  1. author
    Features & Benefits

    Paste form, easy to apply
    Flexible, therefore does not crack & accommodates minor movements in cracks
    Water based - hence eco-friendly
    Can be applied on damp surfaces but not on cracks with running water
    Over coatable after 24 hours
    Excellent adhesion with cementitious surface
    UV resistance
    It can be tinted using water-based stainers.

  2. Technical Information




    Full curing time


    7 days at 30oC

    Specific gravity


    1.40 ± 0.02 gm/cc



    25-30 running meter/kg (for a length of 1 metre, and depth and width of 5 mm)


  3. Areas of Application : Internal & external Plastered brick masonry wall cracks of upto 5mm width

    Packing : 200 g, 500 g, 1 kg & 5 kg .

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Crack Fill Expert :

Crackfill Xpert Ready to use Crack filler for internal & external surface cracks in plaster.