About Us

Small organization (Thermi India) was formed in year 2000 by group of renowned and experienced engineers known as GREEN FIROZEPUR ORGANISATION during college time. This organization was mainly famous for activities towards important issue like Global Warming, Pollution and Energy Conservation etc.

Silently that interest turned into same profession. People with international experience added value and spend lots of time, energy and money they are able develop products which help in "Thermal Insulation of Buildings". After trials and testing they made these products available for commercial use. Thermally insulated building can save electrical energy up to 50% or even more that saving electricity leads to produce low carbon content which is main cause of Global Warming.

Today, we have been ranked among the market leaders in sector likes Thermal Insulation, Waterproofing and Architectural Products.

Our primary business is within the Thermal insulation sector however since we have expanded our business into Waterproofing Sector and Architectural Sector.

Today Thermi is very much popular among Architects, Builders and Traders for economical and feasible solution for Thermal insulation of buildings. Use of our Thermal Insulation Products can cut down the expenses of electric cost by lowering the heating & cooling cost of buildings and plays a positive role in diminishing the environmental pollution. Thermal Insulation is economical and affordable for a common man. The cost incurred can be recovered within 3- 5 years time.

Companies always emphasis on development of unique and need specific products backed by complete technical support. Regular training sessions on basic and advanced as well as certification of ISO 9001:2008 guarantees superb quality engineering work from supply to execution of work on site.

Company is paying vital role in Industrial and retails channel. We have regular Dealer, Distributor and Applicator channel in more seven states across north, east and west part of India. Diversification in selling style like Retail Pack, Projects supply and Apply & supply keep business more feasible and sustainable

As one of India's Thermal Insulation and Waterproofing specialists, we believe in providing simple and professional customer service and utilizing strong communication and great effort to create personalized relationships.

Of course, a successful company has to rely on experienced and highly qualified team of engineers. Thermi India is no exception. Our skilled and professional team are second to none and we are confident in their ability to meet your requirements perfectly.

Full details of our services and approaches can be found on this website and we welcome calls at any time to discuss potential projects or learn more.