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Thermi Crete

Thermicrete is based on modified latex with super plasticizer designed for multi purpose application. It is ready to use bonding agent with water proofing properties. It is used for repair of spalled concrete - floors, columns, beams, chhajas, slabs & waterproofing of toilets & bathrooms, small terraces etc. as it bonds strongly to old & new concrete and to plasters. Due to super plasticizing capability it reduces shrinkage, prevents cracking, dust pick up & improves abrasion resistance as well.


Paver Crete is a very efficient high performance compaction aid for semi-dry/no-slump concrete. This innovative admixture technology has been specifically developed for use in low cement content semi-dry/no slump mixes.

Crack Fill Expert


CrackfillXpert Ready to use Crack filler for internal & external surface cracks in plaster. ThermiCrackfill-Xpert is a single pack, ready to use flexible putty for filling the cracks in plastered surfaces which helps in filling gaps and withstand with expansion and contraction. Its water based non-staining, UV resistant, eco friendly, abrasion resistant compound.


Thermi pro+ is an integral liquid waterproofing admixture for concrete and cement mortar. It has good plasticizing properties, makes concrete cohesive and prevents segregation. The liquid is to be added to wet concrete or mortar. It fills up the capillaries in the concrete and reduce water requirement at same workability hence giving effective waterproofing. It also increase durability, adhesion, workability and reduce shrinkage cracks.

Acrylic Puty T200

Acrylic based wall Care putty with water repellent properties - Thermi Acrylic Puty is a premium product that promises ultra fine smoothness, Water repellence, Good Strength, Pour sealing capabilities. It is a economical solution which contains multifunctional properties to provide smooth wall finish. It contains specially graded UV stabilised pigments, UV resistant Polymers, additives and water. It provides super white colour, Low pours of surface and surface shining results which helps in higher paint coverage with state of the art finish.

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More Products

EcoCrete S-50

It is one of the most effective premium quality acrylic polymer water based waterproofing liquid and bonding agent for old and new cementations substrates. It offers excellent water resistant capabilities with outstanding combination of internal flexibility and hardness. It carries water reducing properties with negative water proofing properties Feature & Benefits Chloride content - contains no chloride admixture, Offers an impermeable coating; quite good as ..... read more.

Crack Fill Expert :

Crackfill Xpert Ready to use Crack filler for internal & external surface cracks in plaster.