Poly Coat T600


Thermi Polycoat T600 is heat reflective coating, composed of specially developed acrylic polymer with high scrub resistance, Elastic and resilient polymers, properly selected and graded fillers, Light fast and weather durable pigments additives. It is used as liquid applied waterproofing membrane for all types of building structures. It carries AEOROGEL based Technology which make this coating as poor conductor of heat. Thermi Polycoat T600 is three layer systems with ensuring proper build-up of the thickness making it a reliable Heat reflective system.


  1. author
    Area Of Application

    Building Terrace
    Cemented /TIN Sheds
    Water Tanks (Cemented or Plastic).
    Wall Outside

  2. author
    Feature & Benefits

    Film thickness -- provides higher dry film thickness of 1 to 1.25mm in three coat application
    Crack bridging -- Bridge cracks up to 2mm width
    Application advantage -- No need to remove existing sound brick coba, plaster, concrete surface
    Suitability -- Cab be used for flat as well as sloping roofs
    Strength -- Higher tensile strength, tear resistance, and bong strength with cementatious substrate
    Resilience -- Forms High elastic and resilient coating so help to withstand the structure movements
    Durability -- Resistant to UV and hostile weather condition
    Abrasion resistance -- No additional protective coating is required for roof subjected to foot traffic
    Ease of Application -- Can be applied by brush or roller easily
    Weight Addition -- Light in weight doesn't add extra weight over the roof
    Toxicity -- It is non-Toxic in nature
    Breathability -- It is breathable

  3. Technical Information




    Solid Contents %









    Hardness(Shore A)


    ASTM D 2240:2002






    Tensile Strength N/mm2

    ASTM D 412:2002






    Elongation to break %

    ASTM D 412:2002






    UV Resistance


    ASTM G 154:2000


    Excellent: No thermal degradation

    Weathering (1000Hours)




    No cracking, chalking

    and discoloration found.

    Adhesion strength N/mm2

    ASTM D 4541:2002






    Water Vapors transmission

    ASTM E 96:2000





    Algae & Fungus resistance

    (SS 345:1998)


    No algae& fungus Growth


    Crack Bridging


    ASTM C 1202-97


    No Cracks up to 2mm No cracks our to 1mm in 10 cycles

    Rapid Chloride permeability

    ASTM C1202-97


    Very low





  4. Coverage :

    Cemented Surface : 60 to 70 Sq Feet/ Kg/Coat
    TIN Shed : 70 to 80 Sq Feet/Kg/Coat
    Packing Available : 1, 4, 10 and 20Kg
    Note : Apply minimum three coats to built
  5. On Water Tank

    Sr. No

    Size of Water Tank

    Qty of Material Required



    1 Kg












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